Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bigfoot Blur Over the Shoulder

On a recent causal outing in the National Park I was attempting to just enjoy myself. No research, no cameras, just some peace and quite, birds singing, stream bubbling, and the scent of fresh air. But what seems to happen more and more lately is my large hairy friends or better a large hairy something had different plans.

I was walking along a trail when I heard something stomping around in the underbrush as if it wanted my attention. In an effort to get a picture I pretended not to hear the noises and took pictures back over my shoulder with my iPhone hoping to get picture of the noise maker.

Below are the product of my effort, one of the three has something familiar looking in it. It is "blobsquatchy" but interesting....

What is the dark object in the photo below?

Is this a Bigfoot or something else??



  1. Scott, I believe this shows they are comfortable with you and know you mean them no harm. I used to tent camp over at the Smokemont campground in the GSMNP near the Cherokee entrance. Late one night, 2 or 3am, I heard foot steps walking on the gravel near my tent and, at first, thought it was someone walking to the bathroom. Then I remembered no one was camping close to me. I continued to listen as the bipedal foot steps moved away and then I could hear them move into the woods and up a hill that was on one side of the campground. This happened years ago before I got interested in Bigfoot and now it really makes me wonder what I really heard. It makes me cringe when I think how many times I would get out of my tent at night and take a wiz next to my tent in the dark.

    1. I do not know if my comment went thru, but with your native American language they have heard this for hundreds of years, they accept you, play games and leave you gifts. As Goddall was a:pet ed by the great apes, you are part of their family.An honor. Keep filming...colleen in Alaska

    2. Did my comment go thru...i feel they are comfortable/used to you native language, your food gifts, aye g rock games and you calm native speech.please educate to protect these elusive creations from harm.

  2. All I can say is pretty hard to mistake that cone head...

  3. Pretty cool Scott. Been awhile since I've checked out your blog...as usual, great work!