Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sneering Bigfoot - Enhancements and Stabilization

This is footage from 2010 that has been stabilized and enhanced. During this encounter I was subjected to what I think was infrasound. I had no recollection of the event. I obviously saw something and was trying to film it when I inexplicably turned away paused for a moment then walked away. I have done a extension blog post on the possible infrasound that was being created around me that day.  http://www.bf-field-journal.blogspot.com/p/theory-bigfoot-cancreate-and-use.html


  1. Scott...forgive me if you`ve answered this question before...are you always armed when travelling in the "woods" ? ...I guess you`ll be making a lot more trips out to the woods at this time of year with the better weather...do you have a "favourite" place that you go and seem to gather better results than other places ?


  2. Isn't that the same area where you filmed the one-eared dogman? Even on video, that place gives me the creeps.
    I don't think there are many holes in your theory of infrasound capabilities. Bigfoot's massive barrel chest and probable huge lung capacity could certainly aid in the resonance necessary to project those low frequencies.
    As always, a very fascinating discovery.

    1. I'd love to come down there and hike around with my GoPro. Very interesting location!