Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bigfoot Lurking On The Hillside - Sketches

I worked on an interpretive sketch based off elements of the still captures for the video. This is just one possible sketch of how this Bigfoot may actually look.


  1. Nice job, amazing how you can visualize it. Hmmm...maybe I am wrong about my guess that it could be one you have already seen maybe this is a new guy or gal. Looks different than your other sketches. As I recall you were able to match some of the others up in the past. Growing evidence as your collection increases. I imagine you will eventually probably be able to see family likenesses etc. Seems like you did have another one that had a similar whitish area above the eyes like this one.
    You do good work. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Is this a young one, do you think? Or an adult?

  3. Think a remotely controlled aerial device with video would scare them away. Seems they have all the land views down to science with stealth and natural concealment. Top down views may give you an advantage.
    They would excellent snipers:)
    Dave H.

  4. Awesome work here Scott!! It's very interesting to consider so many differences,and features of these amazing,and mysterious beings of the woods. Speaking of,.,in a previous post, you posted a great article from Chris Noel. In his book "Sasquatch Rising 2013" there are a few varying descriptions of close(,very close)sightings of these beings,as in habituation settings,.and the descriptions may surprise many,.as it certainly did me,to a degree. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn what may be possible,with a huge amount of time,and a great amount of respect(and what I would call a bigger notion of caution personally,).
    As always,,thanks,and please keep up the fantastic work!