Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bigfoot Research Update - January 2014

I retrieve trail cameras that I placed in the National Park. There is some interesting footage. This time of year is slow for Bigfoot research. No foliage, snow cover, and cold temps make them travel less and stay under cover.


  1. Scott, thanks for the update. Your video brings up an interesting point
    that all should consider. The fact that there is snow on the ground.
    Years ago when I could walk, I travelled often in snow covered timber.
    The view was great. You can see where everything walked, including
    me. When setting out trail cameras, resist the " Christmas Tree
    Syndrome ". By that I mean going out to the camera and saying
    " I wonder what I got ". Everytime you go out to the camera, you leave a visible trail that anything with eyes can see. Man and Bigfoot.
    If possible set the camera before snowfall and don't come back until
    you are ready to take it home.

  2. Interestingly, the "round and tubular shaped white thingies" in this video look very much like the "white thingies" in the Bigfoot or Huge Bear video to me. It seems as if the "white thingie" in this video 8:05-8:19 seems to be following the deer head or am I looking at this wrong? Could an orb be attached to a spider web? I guess it would depend on what they are, huh, something to think about. Thanks again for sharing your findings. Is it possible to lighten up the thing in the dark that moves closer? It does seem as if there is some correlation to the white thingie in the foreground. What a puzzle!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I always enjoy your reports from the field with pictures. While watching at 8:32 to about 8:48, in the upper right quadrant, there is a snow patch that looks like a footprint in the snow. A huge foot print. Does anyone else see this?