Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bigfoot Growl

Did I capture a Bigfoot growl? I placed a DVR in a black sock then hung it in a tree behind our campsite. Alone with a wood knock I captured what sounds like a low guttural growl.


  1. While I know that the sound Humans refer to as "tree knocking" is because it is how most humans believe the sound is produced - I much prefer the explanation given by Thom Powell - that it is not a stick being struck against a tree - but is produced by: "Cup both hands hands, and clap them together hard, right in front of your open mouth." I don't know what made me think of this, but I clapped my cupped hands together right in front of my open mouth, and to my amazement, the sound I made was a dead ringer for a stick hitting a hollow log. A perfect "tree knock!"

    I can produce something similar to a wood knock, but without much volume or intensity, by sticking my tongue to the roof of my mouth, opening my mouth in a circle, pulling a vacuum, and then suddenly releasing my tongue. Perhaps the Sasquatch have developed this?

    I think that the "wood knocking" is produced vocally - and not with a stick. However, I understand that the name "wood knocking" is the way it is described - because that was the first explanation. Just as there is a debate about whether the Sasquatch is merely a "Wood Ape" or something much more - The Wood Knock came directly after the growl and doesn't sound like a mere stick being hit against a tree - at least to me.

    Scott - What do you think? And should "Wood Knocking" perhaps be renamed - does Scott Nelson have an opinion on this sound?

    1. TSE, you may have something there. I have long questioned
      that sound and how did bigfoot always manage to find a good
      stick when needed. We used to call that " tongue popping "
      when we were kids.