Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All Quiet On The Bigfoot Front

This is the slow time of year for Bigfoot research. When leaf cover is gone the Bigfoot activity goes down significantly.


  1. I've watched your videos and read your blogs with an open mind. I do not doubt Bigfoot's existence. Here are two web links to two YouTube videos, the first of Sasquatch Ontario telling of recent close encounters, the second giving a plausible explanation of Sasquatch's origin and its characteristics and actually concurs with Dr. Ketchum's DNA discovery. As I've been open minded with your reports, all I ask is the same return, if you chose to look at the entirety of these two videos. Sasquatch Ontario leaves me with an uneasy feeling for his safety.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,Scott. Hope you have a blessed,and wonderful holiday.

  3. Here is an interesting recent thermal image that proves nothing if you don't believe. The Blog is also very interesting and it covers many different subjects.

    Here is the companion blog, which also has many interesting and "forbidden" subjects.

  4. Scott, hope your Thanksgiving weekend went well. Your comment
    about the bigfoot activity going down with the leaf cover brings up
    the question of migration. Or is the reported activity less because of
    less human activity.

  5. Maybe things are a little too quiet. Believe me, they're out there. Just more cautious due to the lack of cover like you said. I haven't been out in the woods as much lately as usual, but the time I've been out there they've let me know they're still there. I do believe they migrate though. That's how it is around our home. We'll have activity for several weeks then "poof"... nothing for awhile.

  6. Hey Scott, I was watching some of your older videos and saw the one where you leave a gift of chewing tobacco. What ever came of that? Did they take it?

    1. My clan did nothing with it, they did not like it...