Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sasquatch Genome Project Post the Scientific Data from the Ketchum DNA Study

The Sasquatch Genome Project has begun to post the Raw data from the Ketchum DNA Study. This information is extremely technical and complete. I would warn it is no for the "layman" in the field of Genetics, but is there for those who have the background to understand the data.

This should satisfy many of the critics who have shouted "where's the data!!". Well here it is.

Sasquatch Genome Project - Supplemental Raw Data

Also of importance is the DNA profile for Sample 25/26 that is included in this "Raw Data". Bart Cutino, Justin Smeja, and Tyler Huggins have attempted to claim that they tested flesh that came from the same source that was given to the Ketchum DNA study and the results came back "Bear contaminated by human". This claim is false and malicious. Comparing the DNA Profile from Cutino's own lab report show that the Haplotypes of the samples do not match and that the DNA profiles are completely different. The flesh is not the same, it is impossible.

For more detailed info on sample 25/26 please see: Ketchum DNA Study - Sample 26


  1. Kinda takes the fun out of tree knocking don't it.

  2. Thanks for this update Scott. I was glad to see this posted in a FB group,about our favorite interests. And so far,IMO,it's been well received. Of course,there is not many from the,well,what I call "fundementally Bigfoot Only' club present,LOL,so it will be appreciated,and will obviously increase the understanding of the magnitude,and massive effort it took many great folks,to pull this Project,and Study together.
    Outstanding? Absolutely!!