Friday, September 27, 2013

Huffington Post Reviews David Paulides' MISSING 411

David's MISSING 411 series is beginning to get the mainstream attention it deserves.

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  1. I don't want to disagree with you in public Scott, however, I would like
    to point out that the Weird News section of the Huffington Post and the article being written by Roger Marsh described as a UFO writer
    is hardly mainstream. Granted it is a good start and hopefully it will
    get more attention and rightfully so. Mainstream will probaly never
    accept the stories until Oprah is found wandering out of Yosimite
    National Park with tales of being abducted by the tooth fairy and then
    mainstream idiots will be falling all over themselves to get the real
    story from her. That my friend would be what could be called the real
    in reality TV. Sad but true.

  2. You can disagree all you want, in public or private...

  3. I've got to quit fooling around and get this book.

    1. Greg, Sunday night Sept 29, Coast To Coast AM, David
      Paulides will be on to talk about disappearances.

  4. IMO,I think I see one possible reason,why Mr Paulides research,and the three books that were written because of his research,have not started to get the crucial exposure that's absolutely needed,and deserved,just yet. When looking at the reviews,for "Missing 411,North America and Beyond" after I posted my review of,I was happy to see on Amazon that there were ALL positive and outstanding comments,about Mr Paulides,and his study. However,the one thing I've noticed,is that in every review,one of the first things mentioned is David Paulides is a Bigfoot/Sasquatch researcher. I think we all understand the signifigence,involving the general public,and their unfortunate stereotypes of folks that are seriously involved in this legacy. The main stereotype,and the one that offends me the most,is you rarely see someone actually out in the brush,miles away form anything,making positive results and collecting evidence,such as Scott,and David,and many others,that are IMHO everything someone serious about this subject should be. Nope. Joe public does not get to see the professionals at work,very often at all. It's always the "guy named Rick,who said he found a dead Bigfoot,but turns out it was a rubber suit full of road kill possums". The list goes on,,,.
    We know mr mainstream,and the acedemia crowds thoughts on someone being a Bigfoot researcher. What makes this individual different from the rest,is his 20 plus years as a dedicated,and distinguished professional in law enforcement. That's something else,that's always stated in the reviews. When a man leaves his chosen career,after serving the time that David has,and while in retirement,commits years,uncounted miles,and significant financial resources to research and collect a massive amount of cases of people of all ages,across the entire nation,with specifics that made themselves be discovered,then publishing them,to increase awareness of these bizarre events.
    This brings a whole new meaning to "Serve and Protect",IMO.
    Fortunately,I see things changing,and hopefully soon. Scott,you've stated many times,on your blog here,and elsewhere,that the DNA Study,the Paper,etc,,is all good. David has said the same. Well,knowing what I've seen,since I've been following your work Scott,and from all the outstanding information and articles,and material gathered and displayed on the N.A.B.S website,and blog,I'm still behind you,David,and Dr Ketcum 110%. And after hearing things made a lot clearer a few nights ago,on the Joe Show,well,I couldn't be happier for everyone.
    Here's the point. If the "Missing 411" series was written by anyone other than someone involved In the Bigfoot community,these books would be everywhere. More than lilkley,the entire country would be on its ear,in shock,and astonishment,about the cases David has documented. However,I truly see them getting there,just not as soon as anyone of us would like. When the DNA paper finally gets the proper recognition it deserves,and the dusts settles,the skepticism,and debate of these massive denzions of the forest,is over. That's an accomplishment!!
    So,if a scoff,or a remark is made about these books,being anything other than what they are,and represent,as in "the author of these books is a Bigfoot/Sasquatch researcher,,"may indicate a complete an total bias,on the part of the party making the statement. And,ironically,they'd be spot on,because David was a signifigent part,in helping to prove the reality of these beings. Also,the failure of skeptics and thier likes,to take anything seriously that's in anyway related to the Bigfoot/Sasquatch field of research(even though David has stated many,many times that his work with the BF/DNA project,and his research into mysterious disappearances are NOT related,and are two very different projects)is perhaps the definition of unprofessionalism,and often so childish in nature,it's incomprehensible.

    1. Robbie, the older I get, the more concerned I am about the
      intelligence of the average person. Maybe it's something in
      the water. They'll disagree with facts they haven't read, if they
      do read them, they'll say things that weren't in the text and
      they'll agree with some knucklehead that has never researched anything more complex than a role of toilet paper. Case in point, listening to a national broadcaster
      after a shooting, she said " a police spokesman said an
      AR-15 was recovered. Is that a shotgun"? If you don't know what you are talking about maybe it is best to remain silent
      than to speak and remove all doubt. The problem is stupid
      words are often said to stupid ears. And the ears are attached to bobble heads. I smell supper burning. Bye