Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bigfoot Research - High Strangeness - Orbs

Friday, August 2nd, 8:45 PM. I was sitting on my back deck enjoying the sunset. It was dusk but there was plenty of light still left in the day. With no warning the motion sensor flood light on the corner of my house click on. I thought this odd because it was not dark enough for them to be active. I arose from my chair and checked the side yard which I could not see from the deck because of the privacy fence. No one was there. What was going on? Then it occurred to me with all the strange occurrences that had happened in the past at my house from Bigfoot footprints to neighbors having sightings something could be going on. I sat back down in my chair and took out my iPhone and started taking pictures of the back yard. I made a complete circle taking a picture every few feet making sure before I snapped each shot the camera was perfectly still. The light was now dim enough that the iPhone was flashing for each picture. To my utter surprise below is what I captured.

 These appear to be the what is known in the paranormal world as “Orbs”. I want to stress at this point this in not an effect caused by camera motion. The camera was complete still during each photograph and if you will look at the objects in the background they are in focus and not blurred. This is not a light from a neighbor’s house or in the sky. In the second photo please note that you can see the neighbors outside light through the “Orbs” light.

What are they? Why did they visit me? Is this related to Bigfoot? To be honest I have NO CLUE. This is not my area of expertise. I only know something strange happen and here are the pictures.

The next evening I recreated the entire conditions and used the same iPhone to try and reproduce the “Orb” photographs. I was unable duplicate the orbs. I have since take dozens of pictures and so far no more “Orbs”.

Some Bigfoot reports do mention orbs related to the sighting. I think that orbs are more associated with “Ghost” and “Ghost Hunting”. What are these things? Just more “High Strangeness” around my home…


  1. Scott, once again we find another tip of the
    bigfoot iceberg. Somehow I think much of what
    we experience are related. Why would an orb visit someone that researches bigfoot? Hmmmmm.

  2. Wow!interesting pictures. The one almost looks like there are 3 orb "trails". You are certainly right, "High Strangeness"!
    Were they visible to the naked eye?

  3. That's just freaky! I have seen some very strange lights around my area and often wondered it the two were related. Things just keep getting stranger all the time!

  4. Mr Old Man,once again Sir,you make a point of significance,IMHO. Many "researchers" will absolutely go into a frenzy,if the word "Orb" is even hinted at,,let alone discussed! LOL! ESP the ones,that I have noticed,appear to have a love for the spotlight,and the negativity created by drama,instead of the research,and striving to learn,comprehend,and try to add,or delete possible parallels,in such areas of phenomena.
    I've stumbled into some very interesting situations and accounts,that I have commented on in Scott's next post. This really is an odd situation to experience! Normally,i stop by here to read,watch videos,or look at Scott's latest pictures,or discoveries,and without exception,I am never disappointed. Personally,I couldn't ask for a more knowledgable,and inspirational source of researching info,tips and theory's on the "W"'s of Bigfoot researching,and of course,the fact that no one in this field,is able to capture photos,videos,and the quantity,and quality of evidence,and thoughts and ideas about our shared,stealthy,massive interests roaming,and sneaking in the forests,as Scott has,and that in itself is awesome.
    That being said,I would be great full indeed,to help contribute any useful knowledge or info,to someone,and a group of folks,that has expanded my personal knowledge base tremendously,and exponentially,as Scott has,and his friends and readers that gather here.
    I think what maybe the strangest aspect,and definitely the unnerving aspect,is the fact that most orbs are not visible at the time they are present,but are always seen in photographs and videos. The ones I've experienced,were in a field behind my house,when I was outside,sitting beneath a tree for a couple hours,around 2am,to see if I could hear any sounds,or indications that the subjects(one is definitely a Bigfoot,the other,I have not seem yet,but have found tracks in snow,as it entered my yard,from the field in back,and went to each window,looking in! Four to five months after this,my fiancé,who at the time was 50/50 on Bigfoot,but a firm O on the dogmen reality,when returning home at 1130ish pm,witnessed a dogman-like being,witch she described as having glowing yellow eyes,short but massive,and when she beeped the horn,it took off,extremely quickly,low to the ground,and in a "hopping" movement. Recently,I've discovered many more instances,of these type of beings,ESP in national parks,and remoter areas of K.Y,that sound very much like what she's seen!) I'm aware of,and trying to gather more evidence of,where back in the area,spooking about. I suddenly got a strange feeling,as in instantly. Best I can explain was a sort of light headed deal. Not uncomfortable,just out of place. After a couple mins,I stood up,and noticed a light in the sky,in the east,slightly above the tree line. In an attempt to capture this,I took a picture,and the flash was still on, I turned the flash off,and looked at the picture,about to delete it,when I noticed an object in the middle of the screen,that looked like a nearly clear,almost fluid like ball! I then turned the flash back on,and started taking pics,and ended up with a few interesting ones. I didn't see anything at the moment of each flash,but in the pictures,there were gradually more,and more,of these things showing up! Some even had "trails"behind them,that Michael Mott explained,were showing them in motion,rapidly drawing closer to me,because of my interests,and sudden awareness of and about these things!!
    IMO,this is something to keep in mind,and perhaps try while in the field at night,if in case the bigfoots are gone for the weekend,,a good hd cam with a decent flash,may show you might have company,you were simply not aware of!
    Thanks again Scott,for sharing this intriguing situation,and these amazing photos with us. I hope the info and situations I've written about,,can help in some way!

  5. Physicists do not know what orbs are however they believe they are related to ball lightning. They are appear to form in the atmosphere and become more intricate with concentric rings well developed as they "age" and then ground themselves by attaching to trees and other objects.. I've tried experiments to see if they respond to thought by calling them in to be photographed. I'll take a picture then call any orbs in the area to be in the picture. I've have positive results. One night I was at work and got the intense feeling to go outside to take a picture. I pointed the camera straight up in the air- and received the biggest orb I've ever seen.