Monday, August 19, 2013

Back Yard Bigfoot - Archive Footage From 2011

To help lay the background for the "Orb" appearance I have put together a video showing some of the activity I had in my back yard in 2011. Everyone groans and moans about wanting me to put up cameras. The fact is I have. I have had some success but once the Bigfoot figured out the cameras they would just lay them face down, put something in front of them, or come up from behind the cameras. 

Remember IMHO the Bigfoot are extremely intelligent, truth be known probably more intelligent than most humans. So they know what the cameras are and I why I put them out.

This video shows eye shine I captured and how they messed with the cameras. It also shows a possible Bigfoot looking at the camera.


To answer you next question, "why not put in a CTV or security system to monitor you house" here is my answer. 

A generous benefactor offered to purchase and install CTV cameras around my house. I declined the offer for two reasons. A) The neighbor but in a privacy fence. B) Pending personal legal issues could cause the benefactor to lose his cameras meaning I would be liable for the cost if they were damaged or taken.

The "Orbs" showing up was not an isolated incident, but just one more odd occurrence in a growing list of "High Strangeness" around my house since I started doing "Bigfoot Research".


  1. It looks like they got the family together to go visit you.

    1. I agree, the footprint data backs that up, I have found prints around the house showing at least 3 unique individuals, 21 inch, 17 inch, and 9 inch...

  2. What intrigues me is why are they coming to your house off all places. If the BF are the same ones in your research area, how have they worked out where you live? High strangeness indeed! Please keep it up Scott.

  3. Years from now,as Scott is meticulous in documenting,I truly see these situations becoming the first documented of the type. And,of course,many more to come. When I first started reading,and following Scott's work and research,I was amazed,as I am,still today,and at the same time saddend,because of the way he talked about having these amazing and incredible experiences happining,but not being able to get sufficient proof. Well,,I think those days are done Scott,,because collectively I think your case makes it look foolish to think otherwise,LOL!(ESP regairding DNA,that's a bit difficult for anyone to accept as anything else,) .
    I remember when Scott first spoke of his visitations,in the blog,and how it was making things difficult. We can agree,it's one thing to have these beings visiting your home,and it's another to get "proof" that will make everyone happy. I personally,like many,do not think there is a "proof" that would make that grade. You can really tell,no disrespect intended,many of the newcomers to this field,in their constant rant and chant of "trail cams",etc,etc. IMHO,Scott,and his beyond amazing backward facing trial cam,has produced BY FAR more amazing,breath taking,and eye opening pictures,videos, of these beyond stealthy,and elusive beings,than anyone else in this field. PERIOD. I offer a sinscere challenge. If anyone thinks these beings are so easy to capture on a trail cam,or likewise device,try it. It's monumentally frustrating,ESP when you know your in good areas. I'm not sure what it is,but Scott's comments,and thoughts on this subject make some very good points. I've seen a few other very knowledgable folks find this out the hard way in the last couple years. It simply seems trail cams and etc will not ever make the grade. ESP for the few that think there going to be able to capture the "million dollar" pic of Bigfoot on a trailcam,lol!
    If anyone ever does get reimbursed,financially for their time,hard work,and dedications to the facts,I hope you get it first Scott. Ive said it a few times,I truly,and honestly,feel you have done more by yourself,to contribute to the knowledge base,and inspire the new generation,to get out,and search for the truth,no matter what,,,and above all after,,report the truth,,good,,bad,,or sometimes terrifying.
    In the meantime,I am thrilled,and honored to say that I've had the privledge of learning from one of the top researchers in the United States,even tho it is from a blog,and two(as of the time being,,) outstanding books.