Friday, June 7, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Backyard Surveillance

Many think based on my recent post/videos that I do not attempt to capture video in my backyard which is not completely true. I do think that the Bigfoot can see IR light and hear the PIR sensors from both trail cameras and motion sensor lights. I also think they have a way to detect our technology so even a passive camera can be detected without being seen visually. Because of this I do not have a permanent camera setup.

 I do go out and use a FLIR camera at random times during the night (more often now that the weather is warm and I do not freeze my privates off). I also set up a USB Web Cam in my bedroom window directed at the back deck. The cam is connected to my laptop but not recording. This is not a IR camera or motion sensing camera. It is completely passive. During the night when I get up to go to the bathroom  I will turn on the cam then go turn on the outside flood lights. As mentioned above, I know that the Bigfoot have the ability to sniff out our technology. If I place a camera on the deck they find it immediately, even if it is a passive video camera. I am hoping that putting the camera in my bed room window will help camouflage it and I do not mean visually but electronically. In my bedroom I have my TV, cell phones, and laptop. I am hoping that the Web Camera will get lost in the jumble of other electronic devices. This way the Bigfoot can not detect it in my window. By randomly turning on the light, something I have been doing for months so they would get used to it, I hope to catch a Bigfoot out in the open around the deck.

The below video shows how I do this. This was just one night of footage. 


  1. This makes it pretty clear how much work this research is! Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  2. Scott,

    I enjoy all your blog posts but have especially enjoyed them this week. I'm confident you're not doing all this work to "prove" that BF exists but because you are passionate about it. Keep up the great work and as always...thanks for sharing!

  3. You've filmed them plenty on thier turf,you should relax at home Joe,you earned that

  4. People just don't give this creature the respect it deserves. Well most people don't even believe itheyexists. There capabilities have to far greater than modern humans, that we couldn't even begin to understand. I also believe they can see the IR from trail cams. But I mostly believe they can sense them physically feel them. I believe they can sense, smell humans long before they see them.