Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thom Powell Supports the Ketchum DNA Study and The "Tribe" then Attacks

Thom Powell wrote a well reasoned  blog post in support of the Ketchum DNA study. He also agreed with my assertions that Justin Smeja submitted different samples to Bart Cutino for his "independent DNA testing" and that he did it to avoid possible legal prosecution for  "accidentally killing a human being". He also brought up what he calls the "Tribe". This is the group of bigfoot researchers and supposed bigfoot and/or cryptid groups that savagely attack anyone that puts forth any evidence that Bigfoot is not an ape or has a view point that they do not agree with. Below is Powell's statement:

"Meanwhile, anyone who attempts to challenge the groupthink by endorsing the new idea or new evidence is roundly dismissed with pat turns-of-phrase like: ‘They drank the Kool-aid’ (a crass reference to the members of James Jones’ cult who committed mass suicide in Guyana). In truth, the groupthinkers are the cult, consisting of the vocal critics who will not examine the ideas on the basis of their merits, and those who fall in line behind them for fear of becoming outcasts from the 'bigfoot researcher tribe." 
I know you are not suppose to "name names" but since the "Tribe" has no problem calling me names like "liar", "crazy", "hoaxer", "mentally unstable", "idiot", etc. I thought I would define what organizations I consider part of this attack machine known as the "Tribe". TeamTazer, Bigfoot Lunch Club, Bigfoot Evidence, and Cryptomundo are the "heavy hitters" in the Tribe. They all seem to agree and like a tribe or better a herd they appear to have the same talking points when it comes to attacking the Ketchum DNA Study and those of us who support it. 
Since Thom has friends associated with many of these groups he is getting "kid glove" treatment which is understandable.

Crytpmundo had this to say: "We didn’t agree much over the phone, but if I’m honest, his blog post affords him greater ability to make his points. Points of which I still disagree with, but I do have some favorite parts. I loved his synopsis."

Unfortunately other groups or individuals that have supported the Ketchum DNA Study have not been treated so kindly by the Tribe.

It is unfortunate that there is such a "rift" in the Bigfoot research community. It would be refreshing if we could debate competing opinions without personal attacks, misleading the public, or flat out lying, but the Tribe appears to have so much invested in their agendas that this is not possible.

I will continue to defend the TRUTH. I will continue to present my opinion backed up with the FACTS. Unlike the Tribe I will provide documentation, references, and independent confirmation. I will tell you the truth and let you decide. I will also encourage you not to take my word for it but do  your own independent research. Knowledge is the key, do not let the tribe take advantage of your ignorance like they do the general public. Arm yourself with the facts.

The scientific support for the Ketchum DNA paper continues to grow. Now that the independent reviews are coming back in support of  the papers findings I anticipate the Tribe will go on the attack again. When they do I will be right here armed with the TRUTH and the FACTS. Ready to do battle with the Tribe!

Thom Powell's Blog Post:


  1. I believe it was the Greek fables that gave us
    the story of the fox and the sour grapes.
    Maybe the Tribe don't like sour grapes either.

  2. Sadly Powell made some pretty startling errors about genetics that most high school students would know better so he has nothing to offer as to whether Dr Ketchums findings are valid or not.

    However he hit the nail right on the head with his assessment of the tactics of her critics, especially those who work in the Bigfoot field. Ive never seen such a bunch of nasty bawling f-wits in all my days!

    1. I think his endorsement and support are the most interesting since it goes against what most if his friends think.

    2. Yes,I thought that as well.
      The article that featured Thom approving of the Study is what introduced me to his blog,and the redux article. I've read it and found it very interesting,and well written.
      And,again,what you stated above,really hits home Scott. It's sad that there is "camps" instead of A Community. Maybe one day,that will change.

  3. Scott ...thanks for setting the facts out there and encouraging people to do their own research and make informed decisions . Your site stood out the first time I visited it with documentations , references and independent confirmations that were and still are refreshing and reliable . I've read everything there is on bigfoot for years ...I've visited all the sites out there , wanting to learn more ....and I've learned more on your site in 6 months than all those years put together .Thanks again for all your careful and thorough work in this field of research . You set a first rate example of using logic and facts not emotion and imagination . Many intelligent people recognize this and respect you for it .

    1. Kay,

      Thank you so much! I feel very humbled by your remarks.

  4. While I am open minded, the key for me is the Brian Sykes study. If his results confirm the Ketchum study, I will most likely subscribe to all of this. However, if he comes back with different results, then I'm not sure what I will believe at that point. I will probably go back to my original theory that this "thing" is nothing more than a spirit or Apparation or Phantom, not a living ,breathing physical creature. That to me seems the most logical explanation as this thing just can't be found.

  5. Totally agree with Kay, your blog really stands out for its integrity in this field and is by far the best place I've found to come and learn about bigfoot without feeling like someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes thank you!

  6. Yes, I too agree with Kay. Couldn't have said it better,lol.
    It's a sad state of affairs,and it seems like the bigfoot world has been this way since more than 15 people became fascinated by this subject.
    At the end of the day,when its all said and done,perhaps the main thing is the work,and the results. Everyone has a different way,sees things different,and so fourth. I learn from those who take this field seriously. I enjoy reading articles,written,and posted by anyone who takes this as same. I want to talk to those who are making a positive difference,and one day,I'd like to tell and teach others,what I've learned. That's something special.
    Scott,you and a handful of others,IMO,are making a positive difference. And soon,hopefully when all is done,verified and put forth into fact instead of fiction and opinions,then eveyone will know,and be too busy for anything other than family,friends,and research.

  7. Is Bigfoot human because it has half human DNA? I would propose that since it has half human DNA and the other half single stranded, half super strange, half haploid sex cell DNA, it is only half human. Would chimps have more human DNA? Does this mean it is an ape? No. Let's just say it is "novel".