Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Unsubs

I am starting a series on advanced Bigfoot research concepts. I will address some of the unexplainable things that happen to researchers. I will also look at the extraordinary abilities of the Bigfoot and propose theories to explain these abilities. This series will be a diet of MEAT and Potatoes. It will not be baby food mush. I am warning the reader now that a knowledge of Bigfoot research and the history of my research is required. This is Bigfoot research 109 not 101. I will not spend much time filling the reader in on my research history or giving detailed background to many situations.

 I will not presenting “proof” that Bigfoot exist, the pictures and documentation will be research value quality. I am looking at behaviors and reactions not for a crystal clear money shot. I have dozens of clips which I know contain a Bigfoot but I do not post them because the average arm chair researcher would not understand what he/she is looking at. These “marginal” videos are important to the research because they demonstrate behaviors and abilities the Bigfoot have that we do not understand. 

I will also be looking at the non-video evidence. Trail markers, vocalizations, mimicking, stick snapping, language, etc. I will show you the low tech tricks I use to track the movement of the Bigfoot through an area and even get into the “gut feelings” when I know there is one around.

With the introduction out of the way I want to start the series off by borrowing a phrase from the TV Cop shows, Unidentified Subject or Unsub.  Many times I will be reviewing my back trail camera (a camera attached to my shoulder that records behind me at all times) and find a subject following me. The subject can be seen moving but the cover is so thick or the subject is too far away to be identified. These are not what is commonly known as a “blobsquatch”.  These subjects are moving and following me but when you enlarge still captures there is little or no clear detail. 

I can tell they are bi-pedal and have general characteristics of a humanoid. Head, eyes, nose, and mouth and sometimes an arm and a leg are recognizable but not clear enough to be conclusive. These inconclusive videos have been a valuable tool over the past few years to expand my knowledge of the following:

  • How the Bigfoot hide and use the natural environment for camouflage 
  • What locations the Bigfoot like to use
  • How the Bigfoot follow and track you
  • How they react to stimulus to include food, music, and attempts from me to communicate with them.

 The most recent example happened only two weeks ago. I spent an hour talking to and singing to the Bigfoot in a location I know they frequent. I left some food, turned my cameras back on, and then started to leave the area.  As I slowly walk out of the area my back trail camera captures an Unsub following me. The subject is at least 300 feet behind me. The hair color of the Unsub is gray so it is difficult to see. The only thing that gives it away is the movement.

Below is the Unsub following me in frame 36. Not the head is turned to and looking left as it navigates the underbrush.

 As I walk further away the Unsub continues to follow and now has its head turned directly toward me in frame 108.

I continue to get further away from the Unsub and it moves slowly closer watching me leave the area in frame 145. The Unsub's dark upper torso and arm is becoming visible.

Below is a look at the Unsubs "Head" as it changes positions.

So what does this tell me as a researcher? Critics would rip this apart and blather about how I wasted 5 minutes of their lives on this, but it tells me a great deal.

1. I was being observed during the entire time I was talking and singing.
2. I was being observed leaving the food gift.
3. I know from what general area the Bigfoot was watching me.
4. I know how cautious and how far back they like to stay when following me.
5. I have a general idea of the color of this Bigfoot, gray.
6. I have a general idea of the size because I can go back and measure using the trees as a reference.
7. I know the effort to communicate was not wasted. A Bigfoot was watching and listening. It may not have reacted but it heard me and was interested enough to watch me leave the area.
8. Because I did return and do follow-up I know the food gift I left was taken. Can I say this fellow did it? No, but that is the logical assumption.
9. I have documented a gray Bigfoot in this area twice before. The size is comparable and I am making the logical assumption this is the same Bigfoot. 
10. This gray Bigfoot is very curious and cautious. This fits with its pattern of observation.

Below is a picture of what I think is the same Bigfoot from the Spring of 2010.

And again a few months later

Though the footage will not pass for "evidence" for me as a researcher it is very probative. It helps me identify individuals and their habits. I am targeting this individual for contact and have been working on him for about six months. I know where he lives and I know what he likes to eat. Now I just keep putting in the time and hopefully one day I can coax him out. I experiment and try different things, music, chants, just talking, different Native American languages, etc. 

We are past the "proving" and my focus now changes to understanding and interaction.


  1. Scott, do you have a reason why some go into
    stealth mode and others seem content to hide?

    1. No I do not, and I sometimes wonder if some BF have the ability and others don't depending on how cross bred they are with humans?

  2. Scott, do you wonder why they haven't attempted to interact with you..closer and more personal. You have been at this for a long time and they recognize you. You go back over and over, you leave gifts alot, you are alone, you haven't done anything to make them distrust you so I wonder why it's taking so long.

  3. I have been wondering if you were doing this as you spoke of months ago...bring it on! Learning about your experiences in the "bush" are anticipated. Thank you so much for sharing what you are doing!!!

  4. nearly done gobbling up field journal; looking forward to every minute, scott. tpm

  5. Scott, many of us love your work and the archetype that you present toward this area of hermetic anthropology! Keep up the excellent and diligent work, bro!

  6. Thanks. This is great. I will be reading

  7. Looking forward to future posts. I may not understand all of it but I find it all very interesting. Thank you for all you've done.

  8. Outstanding,Scott. These are sure to be lessons most of us will never forget,I know I certainly won't. Thanks for sharing your work,and without the dedicated researchers,like you,sharing their experiences,knowledge,and info,the future generations would be in a bad state of affairs.

  9. This is amazing Scott, so glad to see you on this track! I've been trying some of the same techniques and looking forward to hearing your results. Also, is your email the same? Need to send you something...

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  11. As always, excellent post and ideas Scott. Ive followed you from your very first video on YT, and find it all absolutely fascinating and all engrossing. Thank you for taking us all along with you on this epic journey into a new frontier of strange and thought provoking discoveries.