Friday, February 1, 2013

MK Davis - The Truth About The Patterson Film

MK Davis continues his series on what the video evidence shows went on behind the scenes of the Patterson film. Not everything is as we have been led to believe.



  1. Scott, thank you for posting Mr. Davis's videos. And thank you also for leaving the comments by someone calling themselves "oversightcommittee" in the comment section. Although I was a little bit dubious about M.K. Davis' conclusions, the snarky tone of the commenter was just RUDE. It isn't necessary to use rudeness to disagree. M.K. Davis is entitled to whatever conclusions he likes. I wonder why that commenter has such a big axe to grind?

  2. Very ,very interesting Scott. I do agree with Mr. Davies,especially when you can see some obvious things that don't match with the story. Things like the shadow of the sun at certain times of year , a thinking person can't ignore things like that as well as other things mentioned .
    I wonder if we'll ever know what really happened , the only eye witnesses left are getting up there in years, it would be nice if they would come clean while they can . There's always going to be different opinions , but if people would use their brain as a filter for their mouth,they might be able to open a closed mind and just take a look, at face value, what Mr. Davies has noticed . .....Thanks again Scott , I admire how the sceptics don't dampen yours and others determination to search and share .... there's so many more that appreciate than there are that don't. Keep up the good work

  3. Thanks for sharing this Scott. Very interesting indeed. I am a fan of M.K Davis myself. While I have no thoughts either way on this issue,,I will state one thing. M.K has done so much for the P-G Film,,and the BF community as a whole,IMO,when this man makes a presentation,,I intend to pay full attention.
    Hope the weather down your way isn't too harsh my friend. We are presently getting hammered with a snow storm. Can't wait till am!! Our hairy interests have a difficult time playing sneaky in the snow,lol. Take care.

  4. This is a really interesting video. I enjoy M.K. Davis as he has such a keen eye on videos and points out details most of us would miss. He went to great lengths to speak to people who had information and pictures that he posted in this video. He always makes me say "WOW" to the smallest detail he catches in any video, to the great facts he provides in his videos. I also like how he just puts the information out there and says "you decide what you think". Thanks for posting this one.