Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bigfoot or Shadow - Follow Up

I return to the location where I captured a possible Bigfoot on my back trail camera. During follow-up I did not find the "shadow" or the "stump". I think we may have had the real deal on this video. 



  1. Awesome Scott! Thank you! Thank you! Now my teenagers can understand why i love your site. As i told them, they have their facebook hidden mystery games, I have my real life Current Events, where i can do the same thing only mine is a reality. Find the hidden Big Foot. Can I ask you a question? What ever happened with the research using feminine items? What was their reaction?

    1. I had placed the female items in a "camera trap" with 360 degrees coverage. Unfortunately after 6 months nothing. I think they knew they could not approach it so nothing. About 3 weeks after removing the trap I found foot prints in the area. So bottom line is they are to intelligent for a simple trap like that. I can get them to take it if no cameras are around but what good does that do? Still trying to figure out what technology I can deploy that they can not detect.