Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bigfoot DNA Donors - Melba Ketchum/NABS DNA Study (Updated)

The DNA Study has been officially released!! I will be posting a series of videos about my involvement in the DNA study. The following video explains in detail how I collected hair samples for the DNA study and shows one of the Bigfoot hair donor(s). The sample reference for this video is #38 in Table 1. List of Purported Sasquatch DNA Specimens, DNA Study.


Also  please enjoy the following video of a Bigfoot actually licking one of my trail cameras.

Click here for the Denovo Journal Website

Below are the hair donors, one of these Bigfoot is the source for sample #38 of the Bigfoot DNA Study.



  1. Scott my video won't play it goes to 17 sec then restarts then goes to around 50 sec and jumps to end and it my computer???

  2. Wow on the camera licking video! Wonder if you left a little smell of bacon grease on it?

    1. No, they did that on their own, This also happen to Derek Randles with his cameras in the Olympic Project, appears to be a common behavior...

  3. Just want to say congrats on the DNA study...

  4. I live in knoxville. I would love to help the effort. My wife and I are fascinated by all this and are willing to use some of our trail cams. James.

  5. YAY! Congratulations on the DNA study release! You have worked so hard to video and document your findings. This large Bigfoot licking the camera that is 9 feet up in the tree is AMAZING!

  6. Best remove that first still, you mismatched the definitions.

  7. Scott,
    Congratulations on your part of the research! Thank you for working so hard on this. Will you be releasing a DVD or book soon? I am hoping you will. : )