Saturday, December 29, 2012

MK Davis Takes Closer Look At The P/G Film

MK Davis points out some very interesting things about the P/G Film.



  1. Hi Scott - what do you think MK is proposing the flash of light is? Is he implying it's the flash from gun fire? Or is he implying that the 2nd sasquatch materializes from that flash of light?

  2. Mr. Davis's conjectures are always odd. For all anyone knows, that "flash" was a piece of chewing gum foil that had blown in from seven miles away.

    Although I would tend to agree that there was probably at least one more Sasquatch present when the Patterson/Gimlin film was made, I don't think the flash mattered. I've seen birds and mammals try to decoy intruders away from their young. My guess about 'Patty's behavior is that she was trying to decoy the men away from a juvenile Sasquatch she had hidden. I don't know how far the men tracked her, but I suspect she ran in a huge circle and got back to her young one.

  3. M.K goes on about this flash of light not being on the other films; what can we make of that? I have hard time believing the flash has anything to do with the two Bigfoots. I do agree that there two Bigfoots in the film, which would be a stretch for most people. I agree with what Unknown is saying about her behavior, it being a decoy from her kiddies.