Monday, December 10, 2012

Blob Squatch Sneeking Around Plot Watcher Camera

I found this "Blob Squatch" sneaking around peeking at the Primos DPS Time Lapse camera in my national park research location. I have the camera set to take one picture every 10 seconds. The Blob Squatch jumps around peeking out from behind trees for about an hour. In the end I get a still capture as it walks off down the hill.

They know where the camera was located and peeked at it several times. In the below sequence something is peeking from behind the tree. Twice to the left of the tree and once to the right.

 At 11:02:39 something is looking around the tree

 At 11:02:49 the subject has ducked behind the tree

 At 11:02:59 the subject has looked around the tree again on the left side

 At 11:03:09 the subject is now looking around the right side of the tree.

This peeking goes on for almost an hour, below is a still shot of the "goggle" affect
can be observed. This facial feature is very common with Bigfoot in my area

About an hour after all the activity started it looks like a Blob Squatch is walking away going down the hill from the camera.




  1. The amount of time you spend on bigfoot must drive your wife crazy...

    1. LOL, actually I only spend about an hour a night on Bigfoot, and every other weekend usually, and then only about 6 hrs. It is a hobby like hunting, fishing etc. And unfortunately I am going through a divorce, but Bigfoot had nothing to do with it. My soon to be X wanted a room mate, I wanted a wife, so we are parting ways...

  2. Hi Scott, great capture, very keen eye sight. Definitely something there. Well done my friend....

  3. You're getting closer to the big shot! How about the opposite side of the tree, sort of in between the big tree and the white colored one, it looks like there may be a few faces. They seem to be stacked one head on top the other, much like the night shot of the one with fire dancing hair and the faces in the Y of the tree in the back ground. When viewing the subject you're pointing out on the high resolution screen of an iPhone there appears to be a small dark brown Sasquatch hugging the big one's neck. Can't be sure but it sure looks like it. That plot watcher sure has been productive here lately...Thanks for sharing with us...

  4. Very nice work! Thank you so much for your time and effort. It really makes a difference. I will be in Lake Tahoe area in March and will be looking for serious researchers in that area.