Monday, December 3, 2012

Bigfoot in the Laurel - Closer Look

Actual still capture from the video
I take a closer look at the Bigfoot in the Laurel video footage I captured in May of 2010. In my opinion this one of best pieces of footage that I have ever captured. The Bigfoot is hiding in the shadows of Laurel thicket. The pale gray skin and black hair allow it to blend into the foliage very well. 

This is how Bigfoot hide. Everyone wants another Patterson/Gimlin film, and to be honest a Bigfoot exposing itself and walking in the open is extremely rare. The Bigfoot hide, peek, sneak, and stay concealed. This video is a classic example of how they hide and what they really look like in my area of research.

In the video you can clearly see the mouth opening and closing. The below photograph is an example:

 The eyes are also visible, below is a still capture from the first segment of the video where the eye can clearly be seen:

I also do a detail follow-up and determine the head of the Bigfoot is approximately 9 inches wide:

Size Comparison to me:

  The YouTube Video:



  1. Excellent again Scott. Can I ask if you ever did a "closer look" at the video title, "Pale face anomoly"?? I find that an amazing capture and really intrigueing. Would love to see the results if you ever did or ever do decide to take a closer look... Once again, great analysis my friend.

    1. I will hopefully get around to it, as YouTube gets better and the quality increases then I can do more. It's very frustrating to being viewing the orignal at home in HD and be able to see details and movement but when you post to YouTube so much is lost.

  2. Wow Scott! Good job! Thank you for all the work you do so we can know more about these big guys. The scale work you do makes you realize just how massive they are the video doesn't give you a sense of that at all. I suppose we judge things by our size without even realizing it. You gotta make DVD's of this stuff this family will buy it!

    1. I have been thinking about doing a "best of" DVD, as usual it is just getting the time.