Monday, November 5, 2012

The "Ugly Bigfoot" Preview

Sketch of the "Ugly Bigfoot"
In October of 2011 I was making my way down the over grown trail that leads to the feeding station on the Public Land research area. I come upon a small group of White Tail Deer. The deer did not spot me so I stopped and quietly watched them for approximately 10 minutes. 

They eventually moved on and I continued toward the feeding station. I have discovered that the Bigfoot will routinely peek at you when you have your back turned or sneek up behind you. So I always mount a HD video camera on my shoulder recording behind me when I go into the field. When I returned home and reviewed the back trail footage I discovered that I may have interrupted a Bigfoot on a deer hunt! 

Squatted down behind me in thick vegetation was a very ugly Bigfoot. I think his features were made to look this ugly because of the angle of the sun and it's deep set eyes. I caught images of the entire body and the face. I captured three different angles of the face as I was walking over the uneven terrain. 

The first images were the best but only showed half the face.


The second time I captured images most of the face and the body can be seen. The deep set eyes make the Bigfoot look "goolish" in these frames.

Blurity filter applied.

The deep set eyes and open mouth make it look like a skeleton.

Both eyes and the mouth are visible

  You could also see eye shine as the sun light reflected off the eyes of the Bigfoot as I was walking.

You can also see facial movement during the video. Below is an example of eye and forehead movement.

I am working on a YouTube video that will be posted soon.



  1. I would love to see the blurity filter applied to image 2 of 11. He kind of looks like your sneering fellow.

  2. Ugly? I think he's cute! But maybe that's because I'm a woman. But seriously, I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And maybe if we can train ourselves to think more kindly about the looks of these guys, that will improve our chances of having positive interactions with them. I think they can read us pretty easily; there are many stories about people seeing sadness in a BF, when that BF saw someone react to them with horror. We're supposed to consider the feelings of other people, as well as our own, when we see someone we don't think is attractive, and we're supposed to monitor our responses accordingly. Wouldn't we want to monitor our responses to the forest people, as well?

  3. Love the smiley part. Just because he's homely he may be a very cheerful fellow. Lol. Awesome work!!!!

  4. In these stills the shiny points of the face look green. Is this an artifact of the camera, or do you think the hair/skin may have some quality that allows it to reflect the color spectrum of its surroundings? I'm thinking if something like that might be possible, it may explain some of why they can be so huge and yet remain unseen.

    1. He is in the middle of the vegetation and has a branch across the face. The logarithm of the camera will also turn parts of the body the majority color of the vegetation surrounding the subject. I have demonstrated this in many YouTube Videos. I do think they can go into some sort of "stealth mode".

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