Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The "Loss of Innocence" - Advice to Aspiring Bigfoot Researchers

I used to love the outdoors. I would go out alone and wander around in the forest, exploring new places, the further off the beaten path the better. I would go into the National Park and select a drainage and just go, walk in for a couple hours then turn around and walk back out. I preferred to hunt deer alone, finding spots so deep in the thickets that no one else would even dream of going back into these places. Every now and then I would get the feeling I was being watched, but I would shrug the feeling off and go back to enjoying my day.

The actual location of the encounter
Those days are no more; the wilderness has lost its wonder. It is no longer a place of peace and serenity. It all changed for me on a sunny June day in 2009 while fishing. I was casting a point of land that was part of a public recreation area. I made some silly sounding “whooping” calls why I do even know.  I was just messing around imitating what I had watched in a YouTube video. Then the most amazing thing happen, something came tearing down through the woods. It was breaking limbs and crashing around in the thick underbrush. My jaw dropped and I was in shock as I stared at the shoreline. It stayed back in the shadows and I could only catch glimpses of sunlight on it from time to time. It acted like it was looking for something. It would go up the bank to the right and then the left. While all this was going on I was fumbling with the trolling motor trying to put some distance between it and me. After a couple minutes I heard a very clear “humph” three or four times. Then I heard it walk back into the woods slowly until it was out of range. It took me several minutes to compose myself as I sat down in the bottom of my fishing boat.

This event would change everything. I had to find out what had made this noise. Even though I had a sighting when I was a child, this event was the catalyst; this event started me on this journey, this “quest for the truth”.

Over the past three years I have seen and experienced things that are unbelievable. The average person has no idea what is going on in the wilderness. I can no longer go into the woods in a state of “ignorant bliss” and just enjoy it. I know what is out there, I know what is watching and lurking in the shadows.

I do still enjoy being out but it is different now. It is hard to explain to those who have never experienced it, but the Bigfoot “know that you know” and this changes everything. I have a difficult time deer hunting because of interference from the Bigfoot. I go on family outings in the National Park with relatives that have no clue about Bigfoot or that I research and we will hear “strange sounds” or encounter “odd smells”.

 I can not explain this but some people are what I called “marked” by the Bigfoot. No matter where you go, if there are Bigfoot in the area they will find you and make themselves known to you. On average it takes a couple days in an area for the “locals” to find you. Then all the “odd” stuff begins to happen.

My “loss of innocence” is compounded when you throw in the other crytpids that have shown up. I had only heard rumors about the “Dogman” until I captured it on video and then later made direct eye contact with one. I was not looking for them and definitely did not want to see one.  It is a shock to the system when you begin to realize what you have been taught all your life is wrong and that your “reality” is not the truth. You have heard the old saying, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”. Well I found out how true this statement is. To be honest I am still adjusting to this “new reality”. Gone are the days when the woods were a place of solitude, peace, and wonder. It is now a place where the “Monsters” live and they do not respect your “reality”.

I get several request from people all the time “where can I go to see a Bigfoot”, “what can I do to have an encounter”, and “I want to know the truth about them”. My first piece of advise would be are you sure that is what you really want? The “truth” is a very sharp double-edged sword and is no respecter of persons or your belief system.

I have been bursting many bubbles lately when I talk to people. My advice now comes with stern warnings about being cautious, going armed, never going in the woods alone, do not take your children with you, if you’re a woman be extra careful. I can hear the disbelief in the voices of those hearing this for the first time. Those who think like I once did; the “benevolent keeper of the forest” is not always so benevolent and he is not the only cryptid out there.

So this is my advice or better my warning to those who want to “research Bigfoot” or “find the truth”, find another hobby, this is not what you think it is. If you still insist then be ready for a shock to your belief system, be ready to throw out everything you think you know. When you think it can’t get any “weirder” it will and there are very few people who you can tell or talk about this with. You will be called a crackpot, crazy, insane, out of touch with reality, idiot, and these are just the ones I can repeat. You will experience things you can not record on film or produce “evidence” of, you will be frustrated constantly by camera malfunctions, blobsquatches, and noises you plainly heard but your equipment did not pick up.

 There are also the unintended consequences of research, home visitations. Yes in many cases they will follow you home, do not ask how or why I just know they do. Then your friends and family will really thing you are a lunatic.

Finally I have one more warning to give you, with knowing the truth comes responsibility.   What do you tell the woman that calls you who is all excited about researching Bigfoot and loves to go out into the woods all by herself? When you see that a child has gone missing in a wildness area you will wonder. When phone calls come from scared people who have a Bigfoot habitation around their home what do you tell them? When you talk to a person that has just had an encounter and they called you because you’re the “local researcher” what do you tell them? What are you going to say to calm their nerves? How are you going to reassure them that it is ok, they are not crazy, what they saw is real.

Some who research seek anonymity to avoid the above but it will be difficult if you choose to go this route, you will be faced with choices to speak out or be silent and there are consequences to both decisions.

So in closing my final word to you is take up golf or fishing it is safer and less stressful, but if you insist on perusing "Bigfoot Research" be prepared for your “loss of innocence”.


  1. Excellent article, Scott. I have to admit that it is a dream of mine to meet up with a couple of my favorite researchers one day and head out. Having experienced some very paranormal activity by using a ouija board, everything you said about your perception of reality changing rings very loud and true. My experiences were exciting and amazing, although they could have been frightening if I had invited that by being fearful. I don't blame you for being cautious, but if you project fear or intent to harm, you just might attract something to be fearful of. That's where I'd say the responsibility to others would come in.

  2. Karla don't be naive, I'm sure the Martin family was not projecting fear when their boy went missing. Scott does not seem to be a chicken but the hair on his neck stands on end for a reason. You may not realize that this months missing person might have stumbled on something in the woods that he wished he hadn't. There will nothing left to look for. He or she will just be written off as another lost hiker, never to be seen again. As an avid outdoorsman who has had an encounter I can say I will never be as comfortable in the woods as I was before my encounter. I grew up in the tn hills where Scott is from and I recall 1 or 2 people would go missing every year from the state park and most would never be found. My father was a deputy who went on many searches for "LOST PERSONS" and most of those did not have happy endings, only more questions.

    1. Can only hope Scott's and your own warning are heeded. Yes, we search for the wondrous, the dramatic and novel, bolstered by our false sense of security, our weapons, cameras, vehicles, etc. But all sense of safety can dissipate in an instant, because the phenomenon is immune to our defences. It's beyond Time and Place. It is not bound in the physical, nor can we control it. We don't even know what WE are, let alone what It is

      Many people assume all places on this earth are subject to the same 'rules'. They believe everything is 'solid' and 'real', be it a beach, a forest, a dwelling. But there are 'gaps' for want of a better term, where what we believe to be the usual rules are absent. Things are able to access those gaps. And they're able to take humans with them when they depart.

      Very often, instinct will warn you when you're near one of those Strange zones. But too often, instinct is ignored or pushed aside by curiosity. Some people's instincts are atrophied or dead. And in some cases, those who've slipped into our reality via the gaps in Time and Place move too quickly for us to react and save ourselves

      Many people seem to have absorbed too much Walt Disney as kids. They 'want to believe' and envisage gentle forest giants who nibble on flowers and hide shyly behind trees. Or they choose to believe 'aliens' are space-age type god-substitutes come to save us. It's what they want to believe. And these people rarely see anything outside their childlike imaginations

      The reality is far more sobering

  3. You are right. I am a woman in my fifties. I saw one by a road and got the bug. I have gone alone, usually, but have never gone very far from town or other people in public picnic areas, and I stay within sight of well traveled roads and my car, both. With camera in use. Maybe if I stay in my car? I should buy a gun.

    They do follow you home. And you don't have to live in a rural location for that to happen. I live in a town in CA and near a canal. I guess it's a travel route. Because they tap on windows and slap on the house, here in my suburban home. Scaring my daughters. I put Xs up. Mistake: now they know I know. They tap and slap and I ignore it because if I go out there, it only encourages them. I sleep with a really loud fan on.

  4. Great post. IMO this should be required reading for anyone who starts to get curious about cryptids. Don't get me wrong,,It would be nice if a legendary creature walked up to you in the wilds with a flower and a smile,,like so many try to suggest. I'm sure a lot of us have came across encounters or story's from many years ago that suggest the opposite. These creatures are supposed to be very intelligent. And to elude mankind for so long would have to be. Ive wondered, if these beings have any relationship to humans,,what traits do we share? Emotions? Could a psychological disorder develop as with humans? So many more things to ponder and consider. Until any questions or theory's become facts,,it may be best to heed Scott's warning. Be extremely careful.

  5. Great article Scott. I know they are here but have tried not to let them know I know. I do not venture in the woods like I did when I was younger because it does not feel the same at all.

    My son lives in the house we all used to live in when he was growing up.( right in the middle of the woods)His dogs have times when they act very strange and it coincides with him reporting he is hearing voices at night but can't understand what they are saying.His dogs are Dobermen.

    We are very close to a power line corridor and just don't want them to know I know. My son doesn't have a clue and I'd like to keep it that way for now.

  6. Scott,

    It sounds like the DNA study is on the breaking threshold - I believe these creatures are of satanic origin and have intermingled with humans - this is the "unknown species" that Dr. Igor Burtsev has mentioned. They appear benign but are extremely dangerous! These creatures do not need protection - we need protection from them - physically and spiritually. The whole truth about these inter-dimensional beings needs to be proclaimed - not just the half-truth. Kudos to you Scott and all of the other 'innocence-lost' researchers who have brought these paranormal aspects to our attention. I look forward to your future posts. Having 6 young children and having read all of Paulides books - this latest post has stirred my heart more than any other - keep up the good work in this age of lost innocence.

    1. Paulides's publications have stirred me, also. However, I disagree they are inherently evil. Based on what I know as a researcher, Bigfoot is a race of ancient primal people, possibly the descendants of Esau and Enoch, even depicted in early 12th century artwork, in paintings of the Virgin Mary. These creatures simply behave as people do, you have good ones and bad ones...The mere fact that they exist is larger than most people know, an incredible and dynamic discovery of staggering proportions...

  7. Scott, this one WAS a little are so right about be careful what you wish for! You've made me think about the "flippant" way I have and I'm sure others have jumped into this not having given thought to the consequences. My life has changed tremendously just following YOU through your videos. I can't imagine how it's changed yours. I'd still like to go out there, but now I'm better equipped to decide how far...Thanks man!

  8. I find what you said quite disturbing, If you write things like that, it may lead to them going the way of the Neanderthals. Look what Hank wrote about people needing protection from them. This might lead to an all out hunt to get rid of them from religious nuts. I understand what you are saying but you might want to clarify that they have a right to live also.

  9. Great article Scott. I agree with your warnings. I am keeping distance from this " hobby", although it seems to have found me, in a weird way. its as if, to step into and investigate an unusual occurance, seems to raise a reality flag to the things that take notice.

  10. I went camping 2 months every year when my father took his leave (Navy) and we got in the camper and went all over the USA. I have been to almost every National Park and I feel lucky to have been able to enjoy nature. I have believed in BigFoot since I saw the Patterson film. I have never had any experience at any time camping but I was a young girl full of curiuosity. I understand why you feel this way. You are in awe of what you have seen but you do not know what they really are capable of. I believe that they can set traps for their prey and hunt in groups. The 411 video was disturbing to me and made me think of all of the times we were out alone on the trails. I do not believe that anyone should be allowed to go out and kill a Bigfoot. They are intelligent and human like. I do not think they should be captured and caged in a zoo either. They have lived here for longer than we have and as the forest are cut down they will be crowded in and I feel they will fight for their territory and their families by any means necessary. I pray that mankind will just let them live on in peace.

  11. The somewhat sad truth is that we are always in danger; coming from our own species, in our homes, on the street, and in the forest as well. Because our knowledge of Bigfoot's true existence is new, and our exposure to the danger they may pose is limited so far, we have not yet become comfortable with it as we have with the danger that we pose to each other.

    Eventually, we will reconcile ourselves with the fact that walking a trail in Bigfoot's neighborhood is probably about as, or maybe even less than, dangerous as walking the streets of our neighborhoods. It is just that their size and strength make them seem more ominous to us then our own kind.

    Actually, conflicts happen less often when one side has a distinct advantage like the Bigfoot has. And, no, I don't believe a gun gives us an advantage over a family of Bigfoot with the intent to attack, they just rarely if ever choose that option.

    I have to say this as well, they are not satanic as has been suggested. They are an unaltered genetic strain of being that developed in relation to the demands of earth's natural ecosystem. Because of this they retain all the capacities and skills necessary to survive in harmony with this world. We, on the other hand are a different matter altogether. I don't have the time or space to begin to illuminate that subject!

  12. I landed here by accident. The above article was written by someone who will never be the same - for whom the world has changed and who can never retrace his steps. A line has been crossed. There are many of us in that situation. What the writer has said is immediately recognisable to us. Were we sought, are we marked or do we possess particular instincts, sensitivities, abilities? Doesn't matter - it's happened and we can't undo it, just have to live with it.

    A menagerie, an inter-dimensional or 'paranormal' zoo exists all around us. Very possibly, its denizens possess the ability to alter shape at will. To be suspected is that much of the UFO-extra-terrestrial alien phenomenon is merely a part of it. If they want you to see them, you will. Simultaneously, others who may be right next to you will see & notice nothing

    They do not like us, they do not have our best interests at heart. They mess with us because they can. They are not 'cute little forest creatures' nor do they 'live in harmony with Nature' as evidenced for example by the fact the natural forest cowers in terror in their presence.

    They are not restricted to forests or the wild. They are everywhere, can go anywhere in a wide variety of guises. They possess the power to manipulate humans both physically and mentally. It's all the same phenomenon, i.e., the Hag, UFOs/aliens, bigfoot, gnomes, etc. Listen to your instincts if you've managed to preserve them and don't be drawn into searching for them. They will lead you far from home, possibly unable ever to return. And by home, I mean Home

    (For some reason, my above post was entered in the Dogmen are Real blog instead of here as intended)

  13. I wonder if your home visits are because they sense you will not hurt them.

    Maybe they have followed you from those woods you go to and feel your area seems to be pretty residential, seems surprising and I wonder again as I said in another post, if your neighbors have had any issues with them. It would creep me out! I am glad I do not have any real woods near me here in Florida.

    Just be safe out there and at home.

  14. Imagine that, you might not be safe in the woods with 8 foot tall 600 pound beings.... The only thing that changed was you becoming aware of reality. You are as safe as you ever were in the woods. There is always danger in being in the woods, walking down the street, driving around in your car. The trick is not letting your new awareness of an additional danger cause you to blow the danger out of proportion. Be aware that there are dangers in the woods but don't let it make you afraid. Statistically you're much more likely to be killed by another person than by any cryptid...but that headline doesn't exactly sell many books does it?

  15. Excellent article and great points. I've always been armed in the woods, and intend to continue that trend. Since I have worked in the woods all my life (land surveyor) as well as recreated in them, I've ran up on a lot of things (and people) besides just a Sasquatch that could hurt or kill me, and some that would have loved to after I ran across their meth labs and pot gardens...

  16. After reading and watching videos for months now I feel we are in danger from these creatures. I believe their origins can be found in the bible/ancient texts. I believe they have been breeding like rats for hundreds of years for a army of giants to be used for evil one day. They have supernatural abilities and are linked to strange lights and alien sightings. What scares me the most is the governments of the world have aggressively covered them up. now we see alien and bigfoot shows on tv and gov. releasing ufo info. WHY? Why now at this time? Scott is looking very tired in his last 2 videos. Just my observation. I pray for his safety and health. Be safe Scott.