Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Plot Watcher" Camera Set Up Near Bigfoot Sighting Area Captures Bear Acitivity

On November 18th, 2012 I had a Bigfoot sighting. I was not able to capture it on video but I did place a Primos DPS (Plot Watcher) camera on the ridge top where I spotted the Bigfoot. I reviewed the footage and captured a mother black bear and her cub. While not what I was hoping for the use of this area by black bears as a travel route is encouraging. I have found before in my research that the Bigfoot and Black Bear use the same travel routes in the National Park.


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  1. Great pictures!! And,,as I'm sure your aware,,brings up an interesting situation. I happen enjoy watching and researching bears,although not as much as the big man,lol. While I do not recall many around our part of country or lower,,I have located several accounts from credible witnesses, one a guide,and a couple hunters(witch were either hardcore skeptics,,or unaware of BF I may add,,turned stone cold knowers quick) that report violent,no holds barred battles between Bigfoot and Grizzlies,or Kodiacks. When time presents opportunity,,it would be interesting to try to understand,,best that one can,,the black bears and BFs here.
    As much as I love knowledge,the outdoors,,and are fond of all four mentioned above,,I will admit,,without shame,,I would not want to