Thursday, November 1, 2012

Did "Redchun" Capture A Bigfoot On Video??

The "Redchun" Bigfoot

Redchun posted an interesting video which shows a crouching figure right before dark. The figure appears to be moving but it is hard to tell exaclty what it is at that distance. I took some still caputres from the video and ran them through the "Blurity" filter. I also adjusted contrast, tones, and brightness and the results were very interesting.

Unfortunately he was so far away this is a classic "Blobsquatch" video. But for the researcher it is informative and interesting. Redchun is going to return to the site and verify this is not a stump or some other natural formation. If this is a Bigfoot then it will definitely be very positive. Redchun would then know this area is active and where they are possibly located.

Below are the best still captures from the video. They have been run through the Blurity filter and enhanced.

Below is the clip of just the subject in realtime and then in slow motion:

Below is Redchuns full video:


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  1. I do have what appears to be head movement but like you said the distance and darkness of the woods makes for an impossible clear shot.Not sure when I can get back there but I will hopefully before snowfall.I want to thank you Scott for your help and hard work.