Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bigfoot Hair Sample Collection Demonstration

Setting the Trap with Bacon Grease
I have re-posted a video from January 2012 where I demonstrated how to setup a "hair trap" baited with bacon grease. Along with the bacon grease trap I also used apples and candy bars as bait to collect hair samples and saliva.

The "tools of the trade":

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  1. Simple set up=great results. That's awesome. I also liked the bacon in the jar you mentioned in another post.
    I've read many great articles and reports of using different languages to communicate with the beings. Very interesting. One of my favorite instances can be found on BFencounters site,,in the Clayton Mac section of BFs. When they tied their boat up on a bank,one of the men yelled to another "Sasquatch!?" And the man yelled out "Boq? Are you out there?" And Clayton said that thing answered right away. He said it did because he called it by its Original name. Something to definitely think about!! Keep up the great job Scott!!