Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MK Davis - Sasquatch Chanting

MK Davis has posted another excellent video of what appears to be a "Chanting" Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Below is the video and I have added an enhanced version on the Bigfoot Vocalizations page of this blog.


 Click here to go to hear the clip looped and the volume increased on the Bigfoot Vocalizations page.


  1. These are obviously intelligent beings with a language of their own. Perhaps they have their own type of music as well. After all, every "human" culture and people have their unique music and singing. Maybe this being was singing or possibly even praying. It is interesting to think that these creatures are capable of such things...

  2. I love M.K. Davis' work. This is awesome.

  3. This sounds very much like the chanting of Tibetan monks.

  4. Ok, this is probably not the time or place to bring this
    up and I must say up front I have a great deal of respect for M.K.'s work. But in the book "Hunt For The
    Skinwalker" A bigfoot type creature was observed by an
    electronic box. I know that's going off into Never-Never
    Land for this website, but in the interest of covering
    all the bases, should we be asking the question at least
    in passing, is this sound coming from an organic source?

    1. Given I have more information about the situation than I am allowed to disclose (boy I sound like a lawyer now) I can attest that this is not "man made" or "supernatural made" sounds. I wish I could say more but I can not.

    2. That's cool, thanks.

  5. MK, can you narrow down the geographical location on where this was obtained? definite Native American influence...I'd swear I've heard American Indian Tribes chanting in similar way.