Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sneering Bigfoot - Details Revealed with New Blurity Software

"Sneering" Bigfoot
I recently purchased the Blurity software to help bring out details in the still capture photographs I have taken over the past three years. I was not impressed with the software when I was testing the trail version. I tried to use it on photographs of Bigfoot that were surrounded by thick vegetation. Unfortunately the logarithm made the photographs just one large blurr. 

The Bigfoot's Left Eye
I almost gave up on the software until I tried in on photographs were the Bigfoot was more isolated. The Blurity software did a good job of bringing out subtle  details. It is especially good sharpening the eyes and mouth areas. I used the still captures of the "Sneering Bigfoot" for a thorough testing. 

I was very pleased with the results! The blurry Bigfoot came to life before my eyes. The eyes were clear, details in the mouth and teeth  were visible. The software does not make the photographs crystal clear, but it does improve them enough to rule out a "blob squatch" or light and shadow affects.

Below are examples of the photographs "de-blurred"

The above collage shows the Bigfoot sneering then closing its mouth. The "Blurity" filter has been applied.

Before and after comparisons using the Blurity Software:

 I used the still captures to make sketches of what the "Sneering Bigfoot" may look like:


 My YouTube Video of the "Sneering Bigfoot"




  1. Scott, I'm as dumb as a bag of hammers about
    this kind of stuff. Are you taking stills from
    your videos and would this program work on clearing up stills from digital pocket cameras.

    1. Yes and yes, these are still captures from the video and this software would Definately work on any photograph , one stipulation would be the subject needs to be clear of the foliage or it will not work

  2. Looks like Jimi Hendrix to me

  3. amazing..the face of bigfoot,mouth open and shut..fantastic

  4. Boy Scott, that dude was scary before you used the program, but now...let's just say I'd hate to meet up with something in the range of 7-8' tall and looked like THAT! Now that you've got a fairly clear picture do you recognize this one from any of your other sightings? Have you tried this on the "Paleface" video. It would be interesting to see a clearer picture of that one. Pretty cool.

  5. I've always had a hard time with blobsquatches, as they are present in just about all pictures that are taken of dense foliage. I verified this myself by taking many pictures from various angles, and then looking for "faces," or anything similar to some of what people post as evidence online. And they are present in areas where sasquatch is not.

    But I do know that statistically there must be authentic blobsquatch photographs, as I have learned that these animals do in fact tend to view from areas of cover, and a treeline offers the best cover when it borders a more open area. The supposed sasquatch in the image above, where it is snarling, was interesting to me when I first saw it, but I was not convinced it was actually a sasquatch. This was mainly because the facial expression looked somewhat "off." Like it was too artificial to be an actual sasquatch. But then again, we do not have enough information regarding their facial expressions and tendencies to really know what we should be seeing.

    And one mistake I swore I would never make, which others do often, is dismiss any possible evidence due to my own biases and preconceived notions. So now I basically try to go where the evidence takes me, which is usually to the conservative side in this field.

    Anyway, I think that this particular software will be most useful in ruling out what some believe to be blobsquatches. If the software cannot adequately extrapolate a somewhat clear image, equal or better to those above, then that particular photograph should be dismissed from everyone's evidence cache. Also, the enhancements you have done have allowed me to see how that particular image could actually be depicting a real sasquatch face, as more details are shown.

    I think that this picture, before these enhancements, should have been dismissed as evidence. But now I believe that, although not definitive, they should remain as possible authentic depictions of these animals, as now we can see more defined features. I look forward to seeing other images filtered by this software, so keep them coming if you have potential images. I appreciate and understand however that not all images are adequate for processing; possibly only a small percentage.