Friday, September 14, 2012

New Software Works Wonders - Thanks Shawn/Bigfoot Evidence Blog!

Actually Enhancement using "Blurity"
My friends over at the Bigfoot Evidence Blog posted a blog on some software called "Blurity". Shawn suggested that this software would help you in "debunking hoaxers and .... photographs". So I went out and downloaded the unregistered trial version and WOW it really works! It brings out so many details I could not previously see! Thanks Shawn, I hope all  your buddies purchase this software and start using it!!!

Even though the photographs are watermarked the software was able to bring out what I suspected all along in the "Bigfoot Behind Me" video, that there was a possible infant at the feet of the adult Bigfoot. Using the "Blurity" software the details are now clear! Wow, again thanks Shawn!!!

Bigfoot with infant at it's feet
 Note how the detail is brought on in the brow in the adult and the infants nose, eyes, and forehead are visible after applying the Blurity filter.

This is same video but a still capture later in the video. Note the infants brow, ear, and top of head are visible.

Like father like son! Look in the below photographs and you can see the shape of the nose in the adult and the infant is the same! Again, THANK YOU SHAWN!

Wait, it gets even better! The only issue I have with the software is one in about every three enhancements come out like the below picture. Very very odd, must be a bug in the software....

So folks if you have $39.00 laying around it would be worth it, and please use this software on all my videos!

Ahhh....They law of unintended consequences strikes again.......


  1. you're welcome :) did you buy the full version?

  2. whoa, that last picture is frightening indeed!

  3. Scott, That is amazing software. Great job on the photos. Best wishes, Buster

  4. That really is an ugly baby only a mother could love, and I'm not referring to that last photo.

    I do know that Photoshop can do the same work but it's expensive and takes awhile to learn.

  5. Now THAT'S cool! And I am talking about that last set of photos...but back to the subject at hand. The results are pretty amazing. We're liable to see Bigfoot mommas and babies everywhere now. There's a couple videos I want to try this on, which I believe a couple young Bigfoot can be seen. This just might verify it. Thanks again Scott...

  6. Scott, does this mean we have to add Pareidolias to the
    Endangered Species List.

    1. Yes, You know this was a "tongue in cheek" piece...

  7. Those "trees" have some pretty wild bark formations where you live Joe.My trees never show these faces in photos,but then again they are city trees.Great job