Friday, July 20, 2012

Plot Watcher Bigfoot - Final Update Video Posted

Sketch of the "Plot Watcher Bigfoot"
I post the final installment in the "Plot Watcher Bigfoot" videos. Record setting heat waves and major storms caused fatalities and closed access roads. I was able to get back into the area and do a thorough follow-up.



  1. That's so much fun, to see things from the BF's point of view. The breakdown of how you did your calculations was great, too. And the owl was beautiful.

  2. Good job. This still amazes me how they know the location of the camera. Is there a red led visible
    on this model? I have heard that bears can smell the
    plastic housing. The only game camera I have seen in the woods I spotted from 50 yards away. Just dumb luck.

    1. I had the camera encased in real tree bark, there was no lights visible.

  3. Really interesting and exceptionally professional as per always my friend.I envy you so much Scott, just to be able to stand in the same vicinity as these creatures must be so hair raising and inspiring. Back here in the U.K. there is very little sign of the "big guys". Thanks for letting us join you on this completely engrossing journey.