Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Josh Does It Again! - Destination Truth Records Thremal and Finds Footprints

FLIR footage of  the "Vietnam Bigfoot"
During their season premier Josh Gates has done it again. Destination Truth is the only TV show I know of that has ever found anything and reported it. In previous seasons Josh discovered and made a cast of a "Yeti" footprint. Josh also was the catalyst that motivated Dr. Ketchum by sending her a hair sample that is reported to contain "Yeti" or "Bigfoot" DNA. This lead to her involvement in the DNA Study with North American Bigfoot Search. (NABS).

"Vietnam Bigfoot" footprint
In last nights episode several footprints were found and one was cast. Later in the show Dr. Meldrum put his stamp of approval on the cast as authentic and the first cast of an unknown biped in Vietnam. Josh also saw something he could not identify and recorded something standing in the thick vegetation on the Thermal Camera.

Still captures and enhancements from the FLIR footage: 

My hat is off to this show. Josh and the rest of the cast come off as genuine. They do not take themselves to seriously and they have fun with the investigations. They also go into the field and spend time investigating. The bottom line is they get results and show the viewer the footage. Most other shows about cryptids have nothing to show for their efforts and follow the same worn out formula that we are all getting tired of watching.

I say BRAVO!!! Destination Truth!
Destination Truth - Vietnam Bigfoot

The Destination Truth - Team 


  1. Scott, as a Vietnam vet I was very interested
    in the the show. Glad they made their finds.
    D.T. is an entertaining program and they do a good job. I just wish Josh would try to be a little more careful with some of the stuff he does. While it makes a good show, the viewers,
    particularly the younger ones, should know the
    some of the stuff he does is not safe. Like jumping off cliffs into the water and in a cave
    no less. The ER is a long ways away.

  2. Josh Gates is quite an intelligent individual and has an interesting background. I watched the first season shows on Netflix a few months back and decided to find out more about him. I know there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we can see, and they always bring a doctor with them. I find that because of some of stunts he does do on the show, it keeps it interesting and real.

    1. Jackie, no argument about Josh's abilities.
      But as someone who has had to fix something
      out in the middle of nowhere, I can tell you
      that broken parts are harder to fix out there. Human Parts or Mechanical Parts. Parts
      is Parts as the saying goes. No sense in asking for trouble. Trust me it has a way of finding you. And it doesn't have to ask for directions.

  3. I watched the show also. Josh got some very good images and of course the footprint.