Thursday, July 12, 2012

The "Face" of the Mogollon Monster?

Enhancement of the "Mogollon Monster"
The Mogollon Monster Team setup a trail camera watching a picnic table with a ice chest full of goodies. On October 15th, 2009 Mitch Waite and his Team captured some very interesting trail camera video. You can clearly see a large bi-pedal figure walk up the to table, open the ice chest, get out some items and set them on the table, included in these items are cookies wrapped in foil.

 The subject then leans over and sniffs the cookies wrapped in foil. This is where it gets interesting. The foil reflects what little light there is onto the subjects face while it is bent over and sniffing the cookies. I stepped through the video frame by frame and in three of the frames you can see a faint but recognizable face. During much of the video the eyes are reflecting the IR light and glowing but for these three frames you can see the subjects face.

The below collage shows the sequence of frames where the subjects face becomes visible. In frames 168,170, and 173 the glowing eyes are visible as the subject bends over to sniff the cookies wrapped in foil. In frames 184,185, and 186 the subjects face is visible.

The face is consistent with other photographs the Mogollon Monster Team has captured.

Side by side of the original screen capture and the enhancement
When the monster bends down to sniff the cookies his massive shoulders and arm are also visible.

Based on the three still captures of the subjects face I made three  interpretive drawings.

The above drawings are different interpretations of what the subject may look like based on the still captures.

Another interesting aspect to the video is that the subject forgot the cookies and reached back to get it before leaving.

Below is the original video from the Mogollon Monster Team's YouTube Channel.

I will post a YouTube video in the near future with further information.

Post by: Scott Carpenter


  1. I was watching a program today where successful DNA was obtained from Neanderthal man, and looking at the facial features, the sasquatch definitely appears to have neanderthal features. Do you think they are Neanderthals?

  2. Speaking as an expert on absolutely nothing, I would have to say no or maybe or a mix. Here's how I arrived at this ground breaking conclusion. Let's say our Neanderthal kin had their heyday 10,000 years ago. During that time they interbred with modern man, I don't think they died out, they got absorbed. Bigfoot has shown no traces of Neanderthal traits, like painting
    or clothes that we know of,yet. As always for DNA we wait. Evolution favors going forward, Neanderthal would
    have go backwards to become Bigfoot. As least Physically. The jury is still out on mentally. But that's just me.