Friday, July 13, 2012

Bigfoot Leg/Foot and Hand Found in 2007?

The complete leg of a possible infant Bigfoot
The YouTube user Hippystix1brought this 2007 movie "Bigfoot Lives" to my attention. In this movie a Native American Family's dog finds a complete leg/foot, hand, and the second foot that belongs to what appears to have been an Infant Bigfoot. The movie was written and produced by Todd Douglas Bailey and chronicles the exploits of the now infamous Tom Bascardi. Even with his involvement, the video and the witnesses are compelling. 


Bigfoot hand from the movie "Bigfoot Lives"
In the video the leg is articulated and you can see the toes and the toe nails. The hair on the leg can be seen as well. The hand is almost complete with only part of the thumb missing. The video is so amazing. We have been looking high and low for a body and we had some major parts of one in 2007 and we were asleep at the wheel. Except for Justin Smeja's hunk of supposed Bigfoot "Steak" nothing like this to my knowledge as ever been recovered. In contrast we have not even seen photographs or video of the Smeja's flesh but we have detail video of both the leg and hand from 2007.

Infant Bigfoot foot from video "Bigfoot Lives"
It is a shame the leg and hand did not end up in the current DNA Study being conducted by NABS and Dr. Ketchum. I find it interesting what Bascardi claims in the video. "I went to five genetics companies, DNA companies. Four of them wouldn't touch it because it is a controversial matter. The fifth we were lucky too, the first preliminary report came though, and it says its not a human, not any known primate or bear on record. So what there actually saying is there's nothing they can equate it to just like they did with the foot and the leg." I would like to see those results compared the the results of Dr. Ketchum's DNA Study when it is released.

I have some questions: 

Where is the leg/foot now?
What happen to the hand?
What happen to the final DNA results?
Did someone dig the leg and foot up and take it?

Bigfoot Hand

This is both amazing and puzzling. We had what we wanted without having to shoot a Bigfoot to get it and I cannot help but think the opportunity was squandered back in 2007. 

Posted by: Scott Carpenter


  1. Ok we dropped the ball on that one. In a way I'm glad we did. If Tom Bascardi was included
    in the process, the rotten flesh would not have
    been the only thing that stunk.

  2. I'm pretty sure this story and the report has been around a long time before Biscardi got involved. I remember reading about it. I do believe the people and that the story is true that they report. I'm afraid I'd have to see genuine documentation before believing anything that was added by TB.