Friday, June 8, 2012

Starchild DNA Video Good Premier for Understanding Bigfoot DNA Study

 The "Starchild" preliminary results show that the skull "may not be human", but I found the explanation of DNA extraction and testing very informative, especially in reference to the Bigfoot DNA study. Dr. Ketchum has been blasted now for many months. I think this video will give the viewer a better understanding of the difficulties faced by Dr. Ketchum and what actually is required to extract and test DNA and how the Bigfoot DNA might be compared to human DNA.

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  1. It's difficult to understand why the DNA is taking so long, but it is...and will continue to until it is all said and done. Dr. Melba needs for all of us to understand that this process is far beyond her control at this stage of the game. The lab research and publishing process and everything else going on that most of us don't know about is a lengthy, nit-pick deal with many people involved. This is total cutting-edge stuff...historical in so many ways. I believe we can feel confident that all will be revealed at the right time.Let's give the woman a lot of slack...she lives with death threats and stuff that we don't even have a clue ....