Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Have Seen This Before - The Bigfoot's Unique Profile

Trail Camera Still Capture from GSM
I was watching a video on YouTube called "Dry Lake Therm Follow up Part One". In this video the boys from the BFRO describe their encounter with a "Bigfoot" on a thermal imaging camera. The interesting aspect was the drawing of the profile of the suspected Bigfoot as it appeared on the thermal view screen.

Below is the eye witness drawing


I thought to myself, "I have seen this shape before". In the National Park on more than one occasion I have captured footage of a "subject" that closely resembles this profile.

Dry Lake Comparison

The above comparison shows the profile of the Fish Lake subject and the profile from a trail camera footage in the National Park. Please not that the trail camera was mounted over 8 feet off the ground. 

The profile also matched another video I captured more recently on my "back trail" camera.

Note the similar profile, domed head and wide shoulders. I always find it intriguing that these subjects are very similar yet separated by over a thousand miles! 

Just another one of those things in the world of Bigfoot research that make you go "Hmmmmmm"


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